High-rise development threatens Burgess Park’s precious woodlands.
Thank you for supporting our Crowdfunder to allow us to assess the impact & challenge the plans.

The Crowdfunder

Burgess Park has beautiful woodlands which are vital for local wildlife. They are a precious resource in an urban area. We fear that plans for tall buildings on the edge of the woodlands will reduce the sunlight and change the habitat. 

We need to fully understand what impact tall buildings would have.
Our local community helped us raise funds for an independent wildlife report that we have and will continue to present to Southwark’s Planning Committee. With an initial target of £1500 and a second strech goal to expand the scope of the project, we raised £2220 by the end of May 2021.

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At the 2022 London Tree & Woodland Awards our campaign, woodland trail, crowdfunding & commissioned report by London Wildlife Trust on the effects of overshadowing from development was highly commended in the category ’London Urban Forest Award’.

Woodland is far more than just trees,

of course they are important and beautiful, but a woodland also includes the woodland floor, deadwood, shrubs, fungi, birds, bats and insects. All of this is continuously changing and maturing throughout the cycle of the seasons, with the changes in warmth and light.

Who we are

We are a group of woodland loving local residents and park users from a collection of different local community groups, centring around the Friends of Burgess Park. We welcome you to this group, joining this part of our woodlands story.

Imminent Treat

Decisions will be made in the next few weeks and months on five developments beside the park. Four separate developments along Parkhouse Street back onto Burgess Park and 10 and 11 storey blocks are planned to tower over the park and its woodland. Plus plans have been submitted for a tall development on Southampton Way, next to the park, on land allocated for the park. Although we know some of the decisions will be soon, we don’t have any confirmed dates for the planning committee yet.

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Why not take our woodland trail!

Or read our woodland blog over at Friends of Burgess Park

Help protect our Metropolitan Open Land – one of the final pieces of the Burgess Park Jigsaw

On the west edge of Southampton Way Woodland at the entrance to Burgess Park is an area of derelict land used for what was supposed to be temporary scrap-yards & car-washing.

This land has been designated as part of the protected Metropolitan Open Land of Burgess Park for over 30 years, as the council steadily CPO’d (Compulsory Purchased) the various bits of privately owned land, designated to be the park for local people, in the original Abercrobie Plan after WW2.

This is one of the final pieces of that precious jigsaw.

However, a developer has bought an option on the site & are suggesting up to a 6 storey residential tower-block on this entrance to the park.

The council had promised to CPO the site but has yet to implement the promise.

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