Birds & Bats

The woodland with it’s trees and shrubs is a valuable haven for birds and bats.

The woodlands in Burgess Park are home to numerous birds and bats.

Birds build their nests out of leaves, moss, hair, feathers and spider webs and use cosy spots in trees and walls or in one of the human made boxes as their building site. Soon there will be many new baby birds. Listen out to the wonderful bird song that is particularly tuneful at this time of year. Common species in urban forests are Robins, Blackbirds, Blue Tits and Great Tits.

All UK bats are nocturnal. During the day they roost in tree holes, bat boxes, and in small spaces and crevices in buildings. They emerge at dusk to feed on moths, midges and other flying insects. Most are fond of water where they love to hunt. The best chance to see a bat is around sunset – large numbers of bats can regularly be seen by the lake in Burgess Park during twilight.

In 2015 a Bat Emergence Survey of the south-west end of the park detected three species of bat – the common pipistrelle, serotine and Leisler’s bat.   

Common pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) 

This bat is our smallest – so tiny that it could fit into a matchbox, yet it can easily eat 3000 insects a night! They hibernate over winter but are active April to October.  Look out for them flitting around near streetlights where there the insects are plentiful. 

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High-rise development threatens Burgess Park’s precious woodlands.
Support our Crowdfunder to allow us to assess the impact & challenge the plans.

Burgess Park has beautiful woodlands which are vital for local wildlife. They are a precious resource in an urban area. We fear that plans for tall buildings on the edge of the woodlands will reduce the sunlight and change the habitat. 

We need to fully understand what impact tall buildings would have.
Help us raise funds for an independent wildlife report that we can present to Southwark’s Planning Committee. We want to raise £3000 by the end of May 2021.

See our Crowdfunder for more info.

Help protect our Metropolitan Open Land – one of the final pieces of the Burgess Park Jigsaw

On the west edge of Southampton Way Woodland at the entrance to Burgess Park is an area of derelict land used for what was supposed to be temporary scrap-yards & car-washing.

This land has been designated as part of the protected Metropolitan Open Land of Burgess Park for over 30 years, as the council steadily CPO’d (Compulsory Purchased) the various bits of privately owned land, designated to be the park for local people, in the original Abercrobie Plan after WW2.

This is one of the final pieces of that precious jigsaw.

However, a developer has bought an option on the site & are suggesting up to a 6 storey residential tower-block on this entrance to the park.

The council had promised to CPO the site but has yet to implement the promise.

Find more information and sign the petition below.

Read our woodland blog over at Friends of Burgess Park